About overcoming

With this series of photos, I tell the story of one life, the story of a struggle with oneself, the reward of which is absolute inner freedom.

Many people have been dreaming of changes in their lives for years. I see them everywhere. They are ready for change, but for some reason they continue to walk in circles. I noticed one similarity: most often such people are guided by the ideas of others about what they should be, forgetting about who they really are.

The inner world of my hero is devastated. The environment around him symbolizes his inner state.

He should stop and look a little deeper into himself, realize who he is here and now, what he really wants. Take a closer look around, because often life throws up signs and directions itself. Sometimes, in order to change something, you need to destroy goals that have long ceased to matter, stop walking the road that leads nowhere, change the attitudes inside that lead to devastation.

The shot where the hero looks out the window at the sea is a turning point, a moment of self- revelation and determination. The sea is like getting rid of the shackles of the past, a transition to an inner state of complete peace and freedom.

I am against of giving up and waiting for the best time to take a step forward. Because the best time is now. 

Idea, photographer & organizer: Aleksandra Gavrilova
Hero of the artstory: actor of theatre and cinema Evgeny Sannikov